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    We are located opposite Bamburi Cement, Mombasa
    We offer kindergarten schooling with excellent teaching and activity for children.

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    Deansbrook provides a strong foundation for children in learning and play, a crucial element in child development.

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    The nursery is located inside a housing estate, with large trees and tranquil learning atmosphere for the children's benefit.

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About Us

The Nursery school is located in Bamburi factory residential quarters opposite the Bamburi Factory. The school is set in attractive grounds, which are spacious and secure. There is a playground equipped with slides and swings on sand filled boxes. It is for both boys and girls from ages two and a half to seven years old.

Our Staff

Experienced, excellent staff ensures optimum learning and development for our pupils, in a safe, caring and fun environment.

School Transport

We have three buses for ferrying learners to and from school, covering specified routes, as outlined below.


Deansbrook prides itself in a well developed curricular and extra-curricular program tailored for each stage of the learner's development, and ensuring good progress all round for your children.

School Fees

Our school fees schedule is competitive and enables parents to attain a high standard educational foundation for their children at an affordable rate.

Quality Assurance

Our learning system meets all requirements from the government and we strive to ensure that our curriculum is of international standard with strong local focus.

Our School

We aim to provide a happy, secure and encouraging environment, where children develop confidence, self esteem and achieve their personal best.
To help the children reach their full potential at their individual pace, Deansbrook School achieves this with the following:
- Qualified and skilled teachers
- Extensive range of educational toys and books
- Small ratio of teacher to students for closer contact

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Our Staff

School Fees

We offer competency based curriculum as follows:
- Learners below 4 years in Baby Class
- PP1 at 4 years old
- PP2 at 5 years old

Term Fees
    BABY CLASS Registration Fee: Ksh 5,000/- (once only)
    Tuition Fees: Ksh15,000/- per term

    Registration Fee: Ksh 5,000/- (once only)
    Tuition Fees: Ksh21,000/- per term
    This fee includes:
    Free books to write on
    Free pencils and crayons
    Free swimming
    Free computer lessons
    Free school trips

    Break time milk: Ksh 3,000/- per term
    Sports T-shirt: Ksh 600/-

    Please note the school has the following activities:
    First Term: Inter-house Sports
    Second Term: School Trip
    Third Term: Graduation Ceremony
Transport Charges
    Transport Charges per term are:
    Kenyatta Beach, Pirates Ksh 7,500/-
    Bamburi Area, Vescon Ksh 7,500/-
    Kiembeni Ksh 8,000/-
    Kiembeni Blue Estate Ksh 8,500/-
    Mtopanga Ksh 8,000/-
    Kiembeni Bombo Ksh 8,500/-
    Utange Ksh 8,000/-
    Shanzu/Water Ksh 8,000/-
    Mtwapa Ksh 9,000/-
    Nyali Ksh 8,000/-
    Leisure Ksh 8,000/-

    Any one way trip is 1 + 1/2 times the round trip price, as transport is subsidized by the school.
Account Details
    Bank: KCB
    Branch: Nyali
    Account Name: Deansbrook School Ltd
    Account No: 1180930002
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